A conversation with Anne Caspari about transformational leadership

As a transformational leadership coach and ecologist Anne Caspari integrates lessons from the world’s best functioning organisation, nature, to restore balance to the modern workplace.

From a young age Anne felt a deep affinity with and understanding of the delicate web of life.

While in Rome she won a prize for a water course rehabilitation project on the outskirts of the city. For the project she worked with an architect in a neighbourhood where 20th century urban planners had replaced natural riverbeds with concrete waterways. Over time, these unnatural interventions had become filthy and polluted. By taking out the artificial waterways, removing obstacles and adding clean water the natural rhythm of the river was restored, “you don’t even need to do anything, just remove the obstacles, let the little creeks and rivers meander again and the natural ecosystem will do the work,” she says.



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Tarn Rodgers Johns

I am a Berlin-based writer, editor and creator exploring how to create a thriving, just future worth living for. www.tarnrodgersjohns.com